Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in Automotive Industry - Creating Value and Opportunities

Today’s markets and industries are volatile, complex and dynamic. Businesses need to respond to the changing landscape flexibly, proactively and competitively by incorporating and preserving optionality in their portfolios. Big, complex business transformation, infrastructure realignment, product innovations and products portfolio integration programmes promise a lot of value and profitability but often fail to deliver. Effective project portfolio management is about reaping the benefits of change brought by the projects executed. 

Constant technological innovations, shortening solution lifespan and ever-changing market dynamics and regulatory environments add layers of difficulties to managing these complex projects. Furthermore, ineffective business and projects integration remains an issue, and the inability of businesses to see real-time evolution of their solutions continues to impact projects success. Enterprise-wide product innovation projects have become a way of life for businesses. While these projects portfolio can bring substantial benefits, if not properly managed, they can have a real negative impact on business performance. 

SSCG approach and best practices offers new and more effective ways to increase success rates of  transformational programmes and projects execution. We deploy well established methodologies, leading concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of projects. Our professionals are experienced with high quality skills and industry wide knowledge, can help you manage effectively project portfolio, enhance performance and increase the probability of their successful completion. 

SSCG’s Project Management Office (PMO) services offer an objective, professional approach to managing the many risks associated with the projects and programme implementation. SSCG uses well established PMP, PMI and PRINCE2 methodologies, leading concepts and practices, which are applicable on diverse projects and industries. We help clients turn big, complex projects into big, sustainable value. For SSCG, a better working world means helping you deliver outcomes that grow, optimize and protect your business.

Portfolio management challenges

Many businesses struggle with keeping their project portfolio under control and relevant. We understand typical issues faced by businesses which include:

  • Too many projects running parallel that ultimately fails to deliver because of lack of focus
  • Strategic objectives not supported by projects.
  • Investments in a projects not aligned to strategic objectives.
  • Lack of continuous monitoring portfolio performance and adjustment decisions.
  • Alignment of the portfolio to  corporate strategy not well understood. 
  • Too many, often overlapping, projects aligned to one strategic driver. 
  • Too many “must have” projects.
  • Ineffective prioritisation of projects across the business.
  • Ineffective approach to stopping poorly performing projects.
  • Business cases not subject to effective scrutiny; benefits are unrealistic. 
  • Business-as-usual projects being managed outside the portfolio.
  • Sequencing of projects is ineffective, creating execution problems.
  • Lack of sufficient experience and capability within portfolio management functions. 
  • Project management skills and experience are not seen as critical to the business’s success.
  • Lack of capacity to integrate change.
  • Inconsistent portfolio data  across projects, functions and business units. 
  • Lack of effective reporting and aggregation tools. 
  • Reporting considered ineffective in the eyes of senior management, seen as burdensome by project teams.

How we can help

Complex projects agile performance management

Portfolio integration and operations optimisation

Prioritising and managing project portfolios

Portfolio realignment and transformation

PMO performance and continuous improvement (CI)

Portfolio risk management and assurance

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