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Driving Auto Sector Growth and Operational Excellence

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving and continues to face a dynamic set of challenges. For businesses that are well positioned and with the right ambition it represents an exciting period of opportunities to differentiate and boost growth.  SSCG Automotive Sector Practice and management consulting firms  are leading presence in the industry. Our professionals can help you navigate the complex issues and challenges impacting your business and industry. We leverages our extensive experience in the industry and work side by side with our clients to help them solve complex  challenges with efficiency, reduce risks and cost while driving quality. We blends deep business understanding with industry wide experience and methodologies to help our clients unlock and seize emerging opportunities.

Trends Transforming Industry

Rapid Urbanization

Rapid urbanisation has brought a new era of mobility. A powerful force for economic development and shared prosperity. The majority of the world’s population is living in a city, and the trend is expected to accelerate. Overcrowding, the realities of traffic, and new capabilities enabled by technology are all leading to more collaborative approaches to transport.

Industry Landscape Shift

Emerging markets, technologies, automation, and new business models have revolutionised the automotive industry. These forces are giving rise in disruptive market shift, new consumer base and  technology-driven manufacturing trends in the automotive sector: robotics, industries 4.0 and powertrains electrification. 

Consumer Connectivity

Connectivity technologies and innovation are transforming the automotive industry  and more a part of today’s cars, from dashboard interfaces for accessing email to autonomous driving and parallel parking. And as customers’ expectations for these features grow along with willingness to pay so will the value pool that’s being created. 

Transportation Complexity

 The mass adoption and use of new transportation systems is going to require increased public-private collaborations. The sheer complexity of transportation systems that work for everyone argues that many players will have to be involved. Many drivers knows the feeling of standing in front of a subway map in a strange city, baffled by the multi-coloured web staring back at us and seemingly unable to plot a route.

Sustainability and Emissions

Climate change and the negative impact that various human activities can have on ecosystem are among the inescapable challenges auto industry is facing. While the issue of global warming remains highly debated, there is increasing evidence to support the environmental impact of carbon emissions. Sustainability and environmental concerns are fueling the development of disruptive innovations within vehicles particularly advancements in alternative powertrains and fuels.

Automotive Big Data

Motoring and infrastructure will generate a large amount of digital exhaust that will create both opportunities and challenges for consumers, manufacturers, government, and businesses. Every action taken can be measured and quantified in the connected vehicle of the future. Opportunities for analytics in the industry are growing rapidly to support decision making and using data to drive greater profitability and competitive advantage.

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